Hello! I am an ambitious systems and electrical engineer who is eager to share emerging technologies with the world.

Currently, I am a senior data engineer at SeamlessAI (LinkedIn’s #7 startup in 2022). I improve data quality, query performance, and analytics capabilities to build out our “golden profile” of contact and company data.

Previously, I served as the lead data engineer for analysis of over $5T in COVID-19 relief funding. I used Databricks, Synapse, PowerBI, and related tools to implement and automate analytics solutions, reducing manual effort and overall runtime to deliver results for fraud investigations. I also spent time as a solutions architect designing AI and cloud systems, co-authoring data analytics white papers and proposals, and leading live customer demos. I’ve worked as a systems engineer on Agile Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) projects and hardware design from internal R&D through on-contract delivery to the customer. My background in electrical engineering provides a firm foundation in technical design and computational analytics.

With experience on both the business and technical side of systems engineering, I excel in translating a wide array of advanced technical capabilities into business value. Conversely, I can quickly identify operations pain points and architect solutions to optimize performance, reliability, and cost. My favorite projects are those that provide opportunities to tailor emerging, best-in-class technology to where the rubber meets the road in practical applications.

My time away from screens is spent traveling and horseback riding. To date, I’ve visited 38 US states and 19 countries around the world.